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Website Marketing Company in Hertfordshire. Win Leads & Sales!

How can our website marketing consultants help your business online?

Website marketing services were not needed as much in the earlier days of the internet, as competition for website brand awareness and Google search engine rankings was less intense - if you had a business website you were already doing well! However, in today’s ultra-competitive online marketplace, having a website marketing strategy is fundamental to your online success and should include search engine optimisation (SEO), local advertising (Google My Business or "GMB") and, if it's relevant to your business, a Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign. Inbound links from relevant, authoratitive websites are extremely important too, as they're seen by Google as proof of your online reputation.

Search engines have evolved and are very intelligent – they analyse website wording and content for relevance and topic expertise and place significant emphasis on quality local and national back-links. Websites that do this well are rewarded by appearing highly in Google's search engine rankings, both in local Google My Business listings and organic rankings that include locations in their searches.

Using a reputable website marketing consulting company is more vital today than ever before – outsourcing your online maketing must be explored if you want your business website to rise above the rest – locally or nationally and increase enquiries, leads and sales. Speaking to a professional website marketing consultant and following their advice is critical to helping you achieve brand awareness, helping you generate sustained profit and having long-term success online.

To start marketing your website effectively, speak to one of our consultants today.

Does your business need a website marketing strategy?

A well-planned website marketing strategy:

  • Improves your online visibility
  • Increases your website visitor conversion rates, especially when your Google Analytics data is reviewed
  • Keeps track of your online competitors and any improvements are made to their rankings
  • Increases lead generation and customer acquisition through a variety of online channels

Working to a well defined, medium to long-term online marketing strategy is one of the fundamental steps that many companies fail to make. An effective strategy must include specific campaigns targeting your ideal customer profile and where they search online – your website will then generate more leads, win more customers, gain more revenue and increase your profit.

Which website marketing services do we provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of results-orientated, website marketing strategy and consulting services to UK businesses and organisations:

Website Marketing Services Consultancy Hitchin Hertfordshire UK

  • SEO Audits that analyse your ability to rank highly in Google (locall or nationally) and provide suggestions for improving your search engine optimisation
  • SEO services including researching the most popular keyword terms that bring searchers to your website
  • Web page copywriting that speaks the same language as your target audience and mirrors their offline sales-cycle
  • Website usability audits that review your website for best-practice conversion strategies and calls-to-action
  • Website visitor analytics that analyse your Google Analytics data and make suggestions to increase traffic

When combined, these website marketing processes and techniques provide a strong, effective arsenal of solutions, designed to help your business achieve long-term internet visibility and search engine success.

Why choose us as your website marketing services company?

Dimmock Web Marketing is an internet marketing company that stands out from the rest. We offer a personal and dedicated service that’s aimed at helping businesses succeed online. We view our business relationship with your company as a special partnership. What can you expect from us?

  • Open and honest communication - a must for any business relationship and especially for website marketing success
  • Smart and effective ideas - to ensure your website achieves results
  • Continuous suggestions for improving your online properties - we don't rest on our laurels
  • Relentless attention to detail - your website's online marketing success depends on it
  • Ethical website marketing practices, based on mid to long-term results
  • A refreshing, business-orientated approach to working with you to ensure ongoing results are achieved
  • Proof of performance: one of our customers ranks 4th out of 355 million for "uni window film" (Prism Protection) here and another ranks 2nd out of 5.5 million for "bell tent wood stoves" (Canvas Tent Shop) here
  • An appreciation for your website marketing budget and a profitable return on your investment, than you invested 


We want to help you gain enquiries, leads and sales for your business and a wide-reaching, well-respected awareness of your brand online. If your aspirations for winning online authority mirror that, we look forward to working with you. To formulate your website marketing strategy, please contact us today.

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Client Testimonials

“Our new website, designed by Dimmock Web Marketing, has been a fantastic success, increasing our volume of new enquiries by 75%, leading to lots of new business! I wouldn't hesitate recommending the services of Tony and his team”


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Did you know?

40% of SEO campaign managers, who are aware of their ROI, achieve returns in excess of 500% (Intra Spin)