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Website Design & Development for Small Businesses & Corporates in Hertfordshire & UK

Creating the right online identity & perception for your business is key

Your online identity & the perception you create will either hinder or harness your company. Online visitors are fickle. If they can't find what they're looking for (quickly), their gone within a flash. That's why websites that focus on pretty pictures & imagery, rather than the message they're giving to their target audience, tend to suffer.

Let's face it - your website must generate leads, sales, enquiries or whatever ideal action you desire visitors to take. So, unless you create a persona-based online experience for visitors that focuses on unique content, engagement and answers theirs needs, you'll miss the mark. Sure, it may look great, but it won't help improve your bottom line.

We offer website design services for all types of businesses because we’ve seen far too many examples of companies being handed expensive, flashy websites that take too long to download, are un-operable without large plug-ins or (most importantly) can’t be found in search engines.

We're different & not the average run-of-the-mill type who tell you what you need. As Internet Marketing SEO specialists, we approach business website design and development from your customers viewpoint - that means we help you create an experience that focuses purely on them.

Your site being found, being understood & getting results (without burning a hole in your pocket) is our goal - and this makes much more sense than charging small businesses a small fortune for a website that doesn’t deliver ROI.

As a full internet marketing partner, our approach is to build long-term and sustainable relationships. With Dimmock Web Marketing, you pay for what you need when you need it – with no hidden costs.

Why must your new business website include SEO (search engine optimisation)?

A well planned business website design & development strategy, including search engine optimisation is absolutely crucial to the impact your website has online whether you’re developing an eCommerce, informational or lead generation website. Save time and money by implementing search engine optimisation and internet marketing at the beginning of your website development process. Our business website development process includes:

Small Business Website Design & Business Website Development Hitchin Hertfordshire UK
  • Defining business goals & objectives, while setting expectations
  • Internet marketing and SEO strategy
  • Website development project plan including timescales
  • Target customer profile and persona specification
  • Persuasion architecture, conversion strategy & call to actions
  • Wire-framing and story-boarding based on target customers profiles
  • Website design and development specification
  • Project management using Trello software providing 100 transparency
  • W3C (WWW) Standards Compliance and Certification
  • Website design testing by technical and non-technical staff

How will we make your website design process a success?

To us, website design begins with defining your internet marketing strategy, continues with search engine optimisation and web page content that inspires customers to act and ends with analysing your website traffic and online performance, with modifications wherever needed.

If you want your business website designed to be found on the internet, to be understood by target customers and to gain more leads, more revenue and more profit, we’d love to chat. 

We combine our expertise and extensive experience in SEO Copywriting, SEO Link Building, Website Marketing Strategy, Google Adwords, Google Local Search, Search Engine Marketing, Keyword Research and Website Usability with a passionate commitment to accessible, compliant and affordable small business website design.

Contact us now for an informal discussion - we look forward to helping you create a great online experience for your target audience.

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Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




Did you know?

Indexing websites on a 24/7 basis, Google indexed it's trillionth webpage in 2009 (7 years ago) (eConsultancy 2009)