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Website Usability Testing / Website Usability Audits - Hertfordshire UK

Website Usability Tests & Website Usability Audits for UK Businesses & Organisations

Why is Website Usability Testing essential to the success of your business website?

Website Usability Testing is fundamental to discovering what’s good and what’s bad about your website from a users perspective; what keeps visitors reading, contacting you and buying or what causes them to leave and abandon your checkout before purchasing. When businesses or organisations do not test their website usability and how user-friendly their website really is, complacency can set in. By using our website usability testing experts, you can find out first hand how website visitors perceive, behave and act on your website – and is the main objective of our website usability testing service.

What is a Website Usability Test?

A website usability test provides an assessment of your website's:

    Website Usability Testing & Auditing Consultancy Hitchin Hertfordshire UK
  • Usability processes for online ordering and shopping cart completion.
  • Overall usability, sitemap and navigational structure.
  • User-friendliness and clarity.
  • Quality of copywriting - essential for website usability "calls to action".
  • Website visitor conversion rates.
  • Calls to action placement and usability effectiveness.
  • W3C standards compliance and accessibility.
  • Written report based on website usability and analytics data.

Is your website as effective, user friendly and simple to understand as your customers need it to be? Contact Us today to discuss running a website usability test to find out.

How can our Website Usability Audits improve your website?

Our website usability auditing service involves a complete website usability audit that provides frank and honest advice about improving your website’s usability, accessibility and navigation. Website usability audits are also helpful for businesses looking to re-design their websites from the ground up. It’s far more cost effective to implement navigation, website usability and structural best practices from the beginning than when the website is about to go live!

In combination with our SEO evaluation reports and analysis and website traffic reports you couldn’t get a clearer picture of your website’s current usability and performance or clearer guidance on how to provide a positive website experience to your visitors.

We're interested in website usability testing and auditing - what happens next?

We don’t just offer website usability audits – there’s a reason we’re website usability consultants. Our expertise in all SEO Services, small business website development and design, SEO link building, SEO copywriting, search engine marketing and internet marketing strategy means we’re uniquely placed to help you build upon the results of your website usability test and website usability audit.

Our website usability expertise and experience can turn your website into a lead generating, customer ordering machine.

Contact us today to get started.

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Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




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UK shoppers spent £107bn online during 2014 (IMRG-Capgemini 2014)