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Website Usability Testing & Audits Hertfordshire UK

Website Usability Tests & Audits for Businesses

What is Website Usability?

Web usability can be best described as the ease at which a human uses a website to fulfil a single, or multiple, set of actions . Examples of usability goals can include:

  • The presentation of information and choices, accessible in a clear, simplee and concise way
  • A lack of ambiguity within a site's navigation or browsing architecture
  • The placement of important data, widgets, buttons, features and others calls to action, in appropriate areas
  • The speed at which a user can navigate a site, without roadblocks such as hidden unwanted surprises, annoying pop-ups or task-completion technical faults
  • Persona-based intuitive selection of options that mirror the users offline journey (often called "offline to online")

From Shari Thurow's post on Marketing Land, this table explains the elements of best practice website usability well:


 Website Usability Elements


Why is Website Usability Testing Important?

Testing a website's usability is fundamental to discovering what works and what doesn't work from a users perspective; for example, what keeps visitors reading, contacting you and enquiring and buying, or what causes them to leave and abandon your checkout before purchasing.

When website owners do not test the usability of their site or ignore UX (user experience) issues that often reveal themselves in Google Analytics reporting, complacency can set in. Finding out how visitors behave and act on your website can help you understand their perception of your brand, products or services.

This is the main objective of our (and any) website usability testing service. In our experience, small changes and tweaks to design, navigation or calls to action can yield big increases in page views, actions, dwell time, engagement and orders.  

Which Elements of Usability do our Tests and Audits Assess?

A website usability test from Dimmock Web Marketing provides an assessment of your website's:

    Website Usability Testing & Auditing Consultancy Hitchin Hertfordshire UK
  • Usability processes for online ordering and shopping cart completion
  • Speed - desktop and mobile responsiveness
  • Overall usability, sitemap and navigational structure
  • User-friendliness and clarity
  • Quality of copywriting - essential for website usability "calls to action"
  • Website visitor conversion rates
  • Calls to action placement and effectiveness
  • W3C standards compliance and accessibility
  • Key findings, using Google Analytics research
  • Written report based on website usability and analytics data

Our test audits provide frank and honest advice and guidance about how your website's usability, UX, accessibility and navigation can be improved in order to provide your visitors with a positve experience.

Usability audits are also helpful for businesses looking to re-design their websites from the ground up. It’s far more cost-effective to implement navigation, usability and structural best practices from the beginning of a new web design project, than when the website is about to go live.

Why not, at the same time, order an SEO analysis of your site to get a clearer picture of your website’s SEO performance and current rankings?


Here's a great video by Moz's Rand Fishkin, discussing a number of negative UX myths that we should ignore regarding SEO:


Our expertise in SEO, small business web design, link building, content writing, search engine marketing and implementing an internet marketing strategy means we’re uniquely placed to help you improve all facets of your online marketing, which will help you turn your website into a lead generating, customer ordering machine.

If your website isn't as effective, functional, user friendly or as simple to understand as you would like or as much as your customers need it to be, contact us - we can discuss your needs and the next steps.


Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




Did you know?

Google realised that link popularity, authority and quality are a great way of determining the relevance of a page, especially once combined with the keywords on that page. Acquiring links to targeted, super-useful content is a key activity for online success (eConsultancy)