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Choosing The Right SEO / Internet Marketing Company for Your Business


Don't be led down the garden path by shady, boiler-plate or cowboy SEO companies - it will hurt you and your business. To help you choose, here's ten top tips for finding the right SEO / Internet Marketing partner for your business:

  1. Your business - did they take time to understand your business model, goals and objectives, market-place, target customer and USP? Did they find out your reason "why" for competing better for online real-estate?

  2. Internet marketing or SEO process - ask them to describe theirs in jargon-free terms – does their process start with topical keyword research and competitiion analysis? It should...

  3. Due diligence – have they carried out an initial SEO or web marketing audit that highlights indexation / crawl issues, quantity of inbound links, online profile, website analytics insights, technical problems and user experience road-blocks?

  4. Their search engine ranking – do a search in Google (incognito) the term “web marketing” including their town (or county) and find out where they rank. They should appear (at least) in the top 5 of Google. If they don’t appear, how can they help YOUR website rank highly? Secondly, do they have a well-populated, visible Google Local Business page with positive reviews? If not, how can they help you achieve the same?

  5. Their customers search engine ranking – ask them to provide competitive keyword phrases for a client to check their ranking. Keep asking the question until they are able to consistently provide top 5, page 1 results in Google. Then check another client, then another. Any hesitation or lack of enthusiasm in this task by them should result in you walking away.

  6. Their cancellation policy - if you part company with them in the future, what can you expect? Warning signs are link deletion and on-page optimisation reduction. Check their business terms and conditions (thoroughly) to be sure.

  7. Rankings and conversions – do they focus on both? Being top of Google without a website conversion strategy (and converting visitors into action-takers) is pointless.

  8. References and testimonials – it’s essential you call at least one of their clients; not just to verify information but to learn about the process, the expectations and what it is like to work with this SEO Company.  SEO is a long term process that requires strong collaboration and communication.  You need to be certain of a good marriage and not just a good wedding!

  9. Accountability – for monthly services such as SEO management or link acquisition,  will they provide proof of measured results in printed document or email? Will they be forthcoming in providing proof of their activities?

  10. Ongoing training – do they keep themselves ahead of the game? The online marketing industry is dynamic and changes almost daily – so ensure your search engine optimiser is hungry to learn and eager to investigate. If they think they know it all – end of discussion!


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