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BrightonSEO 2013 - Key Takeaways, Slides & Speaker Resources


BrightonSEO September 2013 Key Takeaways, Slides & Speakers

My BrightonSEO 2013 Experience..

Planning, organising and running Brighton SEO, one of the UK's most respected and well-attended internet markerting and SEO events, is no small feat and having spoken to numerous attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, the consensus is unamimous: this event was the best yet!

Did you know that #BrightonSEO took 12th place in the "UK Top 20 Hashtag Trends" - a tribute to the hard work that @Kelvin Newman, @Charlotte O'Brien, @Nicola Potzas, @Julie Sharp & @Aisha Kellaway (who celebrated her 21st on the day) all put in. Thanks ladies and gents - much respect.

I attended April 2013's conference but came very unprepared (stupidly) and unfortunately didn't stay for the after-afters at the Funky Fish Club, which I made amends for, this time!

Thankfully, this time round I made a concerted effort to meet many of the great folk I tweet with, follow or 'circle' (doesn't that sound stalky?!) including @Jennita (Jennifer Sable Lopez), @TomAnthonySEO (who lives 10 mins from me in Biggleswade!), @PaddyMoogan (who I personally thanked for writing THE Link Building Book), @Steviephil (I haven't laughed as much in years!), @LukaszZelezny, @PhilNottingham, @IrishWonder (Julia Logan) & @Aleyda (Aleyda Solis). A big shout-out to all the lovely @Koozai team too.

Sorry if we met / chatted and I haven't include you.

So I've put this post together to provide a resourse for all-things BrightonSEO for both those who attended and those who didn't.

If your slides aren't shown below, please let me know and they'll be added.

Special Mention: a big shout-out to @JackNorell, a fellow attendee who's also curated a extensive list of BrightonSEO slides, speaker links and websites - great work Jack!

OK, without further ado..


Key Takeaways

Receptional - 198 Tips, Tricks & Best Bits

Koozai - Amazing 236 Insights

Target Local - 134 Tips & Tricks

Verve Search - Next Step World Domination

Silicon Beech Training - Live Blog

Blue Glass - Key Takeaways

Fresh Egg - Key Takeaways

Spaghetti Traveller - Takeaways (including Kelvin Newman & Crew singing karaoke)

Jelly Fish - Key Takeaways


For a ton of tweets, piccies & videos, checkout the #BrightonSEO twitter feed


Session 1


"Real-Time Marketing for any Brand" - Oliver Snoddy (Twitter UK) - @olisnoddy


"Google+ for Brands" - Adriano Accardo (Google UK) - @AccardoAdriano

Slides available here:


"The Ins & Outs of Testing Social" - Jennifer Sable Lopez (Moz) - @jennita



"International SEO & Multi-lingual Link Curation" - Kevin Gibbons (BlueGlass UK) - @kevgibbo


"International Social & Link Building - Alessandro Brunelli (Caliber Interactive) - @ale_brunelli


"The Other Search Engines" - Jan-Willem Bobbink (Internet Advantage) - @jbobbink



"How Do You Trust People and Pages You've Never Seen Online?" - Dixon Jones (MajesticSEO) - @dixon_jones

(slides unavailable)


"Making Sense of Lots of Data" - Peter Passaro (NousPlan) - @NousExMachina

(slides unavailable)


"Social Signal Processing - An Introduction" - Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow & Idiap Research Insitute) - @alevincia

(slides unavailable)


Session 2


"Video Hacks" - Phil Nottingham (Distilled) - @PhilNottingham

"The Rules of 'The Game': 6 tips for Successful Outreach" - Danny Ashton (NeoMam Studios) - @DannyAshton


"Actionable Content Marketing and Strategy" - Tony Samios (Caliber Interactive)


"Link Building that 'seemed like a good idea at the time' " - Paul Madden (LinkRisk) - @PaulDavidMadden

(slides unavailable)


LoMo (Local and Mobile Marketing)

"Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses" - Bridget Randolph (Distilled) - @BridgetRandolph


"Design for Mobile... Responsive or Adaptive?" - Justin Taylor (Graphitas) - @JustinGraphitas


"Managing Local Listings" - David Whatley (MiShop Local) - @MiShopLocal


"Effective AdWords Tactics for Local Businesses" - Tara West (Koozai) - @Koozai_Tara

Koozai Supporting Blog Post


"Crawling the Internet for Fun and Profit" - Dom Hodgson (LinkRisk) - @TheHodge

(slides unavailable)


"How to Crush the Competition by Watching the SERPs" - Rob Bucci (STAT Search Analytics) - @STATrob


"In-Core Mining of Large Networks" - Sebastiano Vigna (Universita degli Studi di Milano) - @Seba_Vigna

(slides unavailable)


"A Crash Course in Natural Language Processing" - Oliver Mason (Phrasys) - @OJMason

Slidedeck available here:


Session 3


"The Keyword is Dead: Long Live the Keyword" - Stefan Hull (Propellernet) - @Propellernet

(slides unavailable)


"Next Gen Measurement in Google Analytics" - Dara Fitzgerald (FreshEgg) - @DaraFitzgerald


"On Page Content Marketing" - Lisa Myers (Verve Search) - @LisaDMyers


"eCommerce SEO - Selling Does Not make You Link Worthy" - Tim Grice (Branded3) - @Tim_Grice



"Make Your PR Idea a National SEO Success" - Keith White (The Eventa Group) - @Keith_Marketing


"Data and Content Production" - Alan Cairns (JellyFish) - @IanCairns


"Low Cost Link Building with Juicy, Juicy Data" - Stacey Cavanagh (Tecmark) - @StaceyCav

Presentation Additional Notes


"The Inhouse and the Agency SEO should be friends" - Max Brockbank (AlexAndAlexa) - @Maxormark



"Increasing Prices Without Losing Sales" - Justin Deaville (Receptional) - @JustinDeaville

(slides unavailable)


"More Offline Leads from Online Traffic" - Ali White (CallTracks) - @AlistairWhite


"The Magic of APIs" - Matt Beswick (Hidden Pixel) - @MattBeswick


"Facebook Ad Optimisation" - Stephen Croome (First Conversion) - @firstconversion

Facebook Advertising Tips List


Session 4

7 Minute Lightening Sessions

"How We Plan Editorial at BBC Sport" - Paul Plunkett (BBC Sport Interactive) - @PaulPlunkett66

(slides unavailable)


"Tech Holes in your Reporting" - Katrina Gallagher (Digitangle) - @Katrina_Suzanne

Additional Blog Notes


"Schema & You: Making Microdata Sexy" - Sam Harries (SiteVisibility) - @PurposeGaming


"How Five Ski Companies Built Links with Great Content Marketing" - Iain Martin (Skipedia Travel Marketing)


"7 Minute SEO" - James Ray (Forward3D) - @mycult

(slides unavailable)


"Multi Channel Technical SEO" - Michael Briggs (Caliber Interactive) - @michaelkebriggs


"Breaking Down the Silos" - Matt Roberts (Linkdex) - @Linkdex_Matt

(slides unavailable)


Shout-outs to those running speed mentoring sessions:

"Raising Your Profile in the Industry" - Lisa Myers (Verve Search)

"Making Your First Hire & Growing Your Team" - Natasha Woodford (Clockwork Talent)

"Getting your First Job in Search" - Emma Rosenberg (Omnicom)

"Progressing Your Career in Search" - Ned Poulter (

"Management & Leadership" - Jose Truchado (Expedia)

"Setting Up on Your Own" - Nichola Stott (The Media Flow)


Interesting BrightonSEO Posts

Laural Hampton's skydive wearing a BrightonSEO Moz t-shirt !

BrightonSEO September 2013 in Images, courtesy of photographer and SEO manager Joseph Burford

Krystian Szastok - Best Five Moments

Webvitality - Personal Journal: 'So, we went to Brighton SEO'

Site Visibilitiy - BrightonSEO 2013: What Are You Most Excited About?

Site Visibility - 'Headline' Competition


Additional BrightonSEO Resources

'Insider News' Article featuring Lisa Myers Interview

Check out the BrightonSEO's Google+ Community


Lastly, a special "Thank You" to Nick Garner, CEO of 90Digital for treating Julia Logan, Gillis van den Broeke, Danny Ashton, Gisele Mendez and myself to a fabulous Spanish lunch at Casa Don Carlos - highly recommended!


Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




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