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BrightonSEO 2013 - Key Takeaways, Slides & Speaker Resources


BrightonSEO September 2013 Key Takeaways, Slides & Speakers

My BrightonSEO 2013 Experience..

Planning, organising and running Brighton SEO, one of the UK's most respected and well-attended internet markerting and SEO events, is no small feat and having spoken to numerous attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, the consensus is unamimous: this event was the best yet!

Did you know that #BrightonSEO took 12th place in the "UK Top 20 Hashtag Trends" - a tribute to the hard work that @Kelvin Newman, @Charlotte O'Brien, @Nicola Potzas, @Julie Sharp & @Aisha Kellaway (who celebrated her 21st on the day) all put in. Thanks ladies and gents - much respect.

I attended April 2013's conference but came very unprepared (stupidly) and unfortunately didn't stay for the after-afters at the Funky Fish Club, which I made amends for, this time!

Thankfully, this time round I made a concerted effort to meet many of the great folk I tweet with, follow or 'circle' (doesn't that sound stalky?!) including @Jennita (Jennifer Sable Lopez), @TomAnthonySEO (who lives 10 mins from me in Biggleswade!), @PaddyMoogan (who I personally thanked for writing THE Link Building Book), @Steviephil (I haven't laughed as much in years!), @LukaszZelezny, @PhilNottingham, @IrishWonder (Julia Logan) & @Aleyda (Aleyda Solis). A big shout-out to all the lovely @Koozai team too.

Sorry if we met / chatted and I haven't include you.

So I've put this post together to provide a resourse for all-things BrightonSEO for both those who attended and those who didn't.

If your slides aren't shown below, please let me know and they'll be added.

Special Mention: a big shout-out to @JackNorell, a fellow attendee who's also curated a extensive list of BrightonSEO slides, speaker links and websites - great work Jack!

OK, without further ado..


Key Takeaways

Receptional - 198 Tips, Tricks & Best Bits

Koozai - Amazing 236 Insights

Target Local - 134 Tips & Tricks

Verve Search - Next Step World Domination

Silicon Beech Training - Live Blog

Blue Glass - Key Takeaways

Fresh Egg - Key Takeaways

Spaghetti Traveller - Takeaways (including Kelvin Newman & Crew singing karaoke)

Jelly Fish - Key Takeaways


For a ton of tweets, piccies & videos, checkout the #BrightonSEO twitter feed


Session 1


"Real-Time Marketing for any Brand" - Oliver Snoddy (Twitter UK) - @olisnoddy


"Google+ for Brands" - Adriano Accardo (Google UK) - @AccardoAdriano

Slides available here:


"The Ins & Outs of Testing Social" - Jennifer Sable Lopez (Moz) - @jennita



"International SEO & Multi-lingual Link Curation" - Kevin Gibbons (BlueGlass UK) - @kevgibbo


"International Social & Link Building - Alessandro Brunelli (Caliber Interactive) - @ale_brunelli


"The Other Search Engines" - Jan-Willem Bobbink (Internet Advantage) - @jbobbink



"How Do You Trust People and Pages You've Never Seen Online?" - Dixon Jones (MajesticSEO) - @dixon_jones

(slides unavailable)


"Making Sense of Lots of Data" - Peter Passaro (NousPlan) - @NousExMachina

(slides unavailable)


"Social Signal Processing - An Introduction" - Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow & Idiap Research Insitute) - @alevincia

(slides unavailable)


Session 2


"Video Hacks" - Phil Nottingham (Distilled) - @PhilNottingham

"The Rules of 'The Game': 6 tips for Successful Outreach" - Danny Ashton (NeoMam Studios) - @DannyAshton


"Actionable Content Marketing and Strategy" - Tony Samios (Caliber Interactive)


"Link Building that 'seemed like a good idea at the time' " - Paul Madden (LinkRisk) - @PaulDavidMadden

(slides unavailable)


LoMo (Local and Mobile Marketing)

"Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses" - Bridget Randolph (Distilled) - @BridgetRandolph


"Design for Mobile... Responsive or Adaptive?" - Justin Taylor (Graphitas) - @JustinGraphitas


"Managing Local Listings" - David Whatley (MiShop Local) - @MiShopLocal


"Effective AdWords Tactics for Local Businesses" - Tara West (Koozai) - @Koozai_Tara

Koozai Supporting Blog Post


"Crawling the Internet for Fun and Profit" - Dom Hodgson (LinkRisk) - @TheHodge

(slides unavailable)


"How to Crush the Competition by Watching the SERPs" - Rob Bucci (STAT Search Analytics) - @STATrob


"In-Core Mining of Large Networks" - Sebastiano Vigna (Universita degli Studi di Milano) - @Seba_Vigna

(slides unavailable)


"A Crash Course in Natural Language Processing" - Oliver Mason (Phrasys) - @OJMason

Slidedeck available here:


Session 3


"The Keyword is Dead: Long Live the Keyword" - Stefan Hull (Propellernet) - @Propellernet

(slides unavailable)


"Next Gen Measurement in Google Analytics" - Dara Fitzgerald (FreshEgg) - @DaraFitzgerald


"On Page Content Marketing" - Lisa Myers (Verve Search) - @LisaDMyers


"eCommerce SEO - Selling Does Not make You Link Worthy" - Tim Grice (Branded3) - @Tim_Grice



"Make Your PR Idea a National SEO Success" - Keith White (The Eventa Group) - @Keith_Marketing


"Data and Content Production" - Alan Cairns (JellyFish) - @IanCairns


"Low Cost Link Building with Juicy, Juicy Data" - Stacey Cavanagh (Tecmark) - @StaceyCav

Presentation Additional Notes


"The Inhouse and the Agency SEO should be friends" - Max Brockbank (AlexAndAlexa) - @Maxormark



"Increasing Prices Without Losing Sales" - Justin Deaville (Receptional) - @JustinDeaville

(slides unavailable)


"More Offline Leads from Online Traffic" - Ali White (CallTracks) - @AlistairWhite


"The Magic of APIs" - Matt Beswick (Hidden Pixel) - @MattBeswick


"Facebook Ad Optimisation" - Stephen Croome (First Conversion) - @firstconversion

Facebook Advertising Tips List


Session 4

7 Minute Lightening Sessions

"How We Plan Editorial at BBC Sport" - Paul Plunkett (BBC Sport Interactive) - @PaulPlunkett66

(slides unavailable)


"Tech Holes in your Reporting" - Katrina Gallagher (Digitangle) - @Katrina_Suzanne

Additional Blog Notes


"Schema & You: Making Microdata Sexy" - Sam Harries (SiteVisibility) - @PurposeGaming


"How Five Ski Companies Built Links with Great Content Marketing" - Iain Martin (Skipedia Travel Marketing)


"7 Minute SEO" - James Ray (Forward3D) - @mycult

(slides unavailable)


"Multi Channel Technical SEO" - Michael Briggs (Caliber Interactive) - @michaelkebriggs


"Breaking Down the Silos" - Matt Roberts (Linkdex) - @Linkdex_Matt

(slides unavailable)


Shout-outs to those running speed mentoring sessions:

"Raising Your Profile in the Industry" - Lisa Myers (Verve Search)

"Making Your First Hire & Growing Your Team" - Natasha Woodford (Clockwork Talent)

"Getting your First Job in Search" - Emma Rosenberg (Omnicom)

"Progressing Your Career in Search" - Ned Poulter (

"Management & Leadership" - Jose Truchado (Expedia)

"Setting Up on Your Own" - Nichola Stott (The Media Flow)


Interesting BrightonSEO Posts

Laural Hampton's skydive wearing a BrightonSEO Moz t-shirt !

BrightonSEO September 2013 in Images, courtesy of photographer and SEO manager Joseph Burford

Krystian Szastok - Best Five Moments

Webvitality - Personal Journal: 'So, we went to Brighton SEO'

Site Visibilitiy - BrightonSEO 2013: What Are You Most Excited About?

Site Visibility - 'Headline' Competition


Additional BrightonSEO Resources

'Insider News' Article featuring Lisa Myers Interview

Check out the BrightonSEO's Google+ Community


Lastly, a special "Thank You" to Nick Garner, CEO of 90Digital for treating Julia Logan, Gillis van den Broeke, Danny Ashton, Gisele Mendez and myself to a fabulous Spanish lunch at Casa Don Carlos - highly recommended!

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