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Social Media Training in Hertfordshire - Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In & YouTube

Social Media Training in Hertfordshire: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

For Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube

Dimmock Web Marketing provides beginner, intermediate and advanced social media marketing training on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and YouTube platforms, to small, medium and corporate businesses and organisations.

Before we provide details of our social media training services, let's first delve into the phenomenon that is social media.

The past 5-6 years have seen an explosion of social media platforms. For context, the worldwide population stands at 7.3 billion (as of 2016). But did you know that while internet usage stands at 3.17 billion users, there are 2.3 billion active social media users? Put another way, how many of those users are looking to engage or connect, on socia media, with a brand they can develop a trust in, begin to hope in and ultimately invest in?

Here's a few more statistics to whet your appetite as to why, if your business isn't currently investing in social media and online reputation management, you really should be seriously considering developing and growing your brand on social media platforms:

  • Over 90% of major retail brands currently run social media channels
  • Each internet user (globally) has an average of 5 social media accounts
  • Every day, another 1 million mobile users open new social media accounts

Social media platform-specific statistics - did you know?


The average Twitter user has just over 200 followers and that there are over 500 million Tweets sent every day globally.


With half a million new users signing up to use Facebook on a daily basis, each existing user has just over 330 friends they're connected to.


With over 400 million members and over 3 million business pages created, this is the perfect channel for brands who market to businesses or professonal men and women. Did you know the average CEO on Linked-In has over 900 connections?


It's a fact - 3.2 billion hours of video on YouTube are watched every month. Plus, with mobile users watching around 40 minutes of video per session, is this a social platform you can afford not to take advantage of? Did you know that video is one of the most powerful ways to engage with, connect and relate to online searchers?

Where do you start with social media?

The first question you really need to answer is: 

Which social media channels and platforms do my potential customers use, on a daily basis? 

This can researched in a number of ways:

  • Actually asking your existing clients which social media platforms and channels they like to use
  • Finding out which social platforms your competitors (or leading companies within your industry) are on and researching their daily activity
  • Searching for terms like "[your sector or industry} social media platforms" or "[your products or services] social media channels" in Google

Once you've discovered where your potentials clients hang out online, you'll need to answer the next key question: 

Which social media techniques, tactics and skills should  I learn, in order to reach out and connect with my potential customers? 

When we speak to various companies about helping them achieve more success with their social media, we often hear questions like:

  • Is there a correct time or situation to Re-Tweet a Tweet or share a Facebook post?
  • How can I best use the "List" facility in Twitter?
  • What are effective ways I can spy on my competition and see what they're doing?
  • I already have a great profile on Linked-In - how can I best leverage the contacts I have?
  • What should be included in our company BIO?
  • When is the right time to use hashtags and how many is too many?
  • I can't make up my mind whether Twitter, Facebook or Linked-In is the best social media platform to focus on?
  • I really don't have much time for social media, how can I best use my time effectively?
  • What type of video should I create, share and promote on YouTube?
  • How else can we optimise our Linked-In showcase or business page for maximum effect?
  • How can I build up more conversations on social media with my audience?

This is where Dimmock Web Marketing can help!

Social Media Training for Businesses: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In & YouTube

The figures quoted earlier show just how noisy it really is on social media platforms, with many brands and businesses vying for users attention, so you'll want to stand out from the crowd, be authentic and ultimately become the go-to authority in your market-place or sector.

To achieve this, you'll need to learn and understand how to grow your tribe of followers, interact with them in their language on various social platforms, use social media as a customer service platform, share eye-catchig imagery and videos in your posts, monitor your overall social media performance and a whole lot more.

Our social media training will start with us running an audit of your social media profiles and existing campaigns. This will help us a) better understand your existing social media marketing performance and b) enable us to put a training programme together, specific to your unique needs and existing understanding.

Training takes place at your premises and can include half day or full day sessions, 1 to 1's or group sessions and workshops.

To discuss your social media training requirements, get a date booked in your diary or find out whether you'll need a half day or full day of training, contact us today for a chat.


Client Testimonials

"I've enjoyed working with Dimmock Web Marketing. They have a very deep understanding of how search engines work. Using this knowledge, they have constructed a digital presense that's robust and very efficient"


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