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Google AdWords PPC Services Hertfordshire UK

Google Pay Per Click Company & Professional Management Consultant Services

Google Adwords PPC Services hitchin Hertfordshire UK - Adwords Pay Per Click ManagementGoogle AdWords is the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising you see appear in the form of sponsored links at the top of most pages that appear on Googles search pages. Advertisers bid on certain keywords for their three line AdWords advertisement and each click-through to the advertiser's website results in a variable fee being charged, depending on the cost (per click) of the keyword, click-through ratio and other parameters.



What does our Google Adwords service offer?

We provide a complete Google AdWords service that includes:

  • Identification of keywords for your Google Adwords campaign.
  • Creation of pay per click custom reports to analyse your costs and return on your investment (ROI).
  • Advice on Google AdWords bidding options: keyword-specific bidding, content bidding and ad position preference.
  • Tracking conversion rates, researching and advising on placement targeting options - Google AdWords allows you to run adverts on other relevant sites and search engines.
  • Landing page and Adwords ad optimisation
  • Analysis of keyword bidding strategy - opportunities to exploit and areas to save budget
  • Auditing existing Google Adwords campaigns to ensure they are performing effectively

Why should you invest in Google AdWords management to save your business money?

Choosing the most effective keywords - those that drive the most targeted visitors to your website - is critical to you having a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign. We use our extensive paid search expertise to optimise your campaign and identify areas where we can bring more paid traffic to your website, while lowering your overall campaign budget. 

It is common for businesses new to pay per click (PPC) to spend more than they need to, often due to not fully understanding the many pitfalls and challenges faced when starting a new Google AdWords campaign.

With this in mind, our AdWords service will provide you with a complete optimised Adwords management package, designed to get the best return on investment (ROI), including custom reports to analyse your costs, track your PPC conversion rates and estimate traffic in advance of launching a PPC campaign.



How fast can your Adword ads be driving new visitors to your website?

Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to build widespread brand awareness. Our Google AdWords management service means you make an immediate impact on the search engines with top-spot keyword bidding and because we monitor your advertising results continually, we can help you sustain high traffic at the lowest possible cost, ensuring effective ROI.

Google AdWords Professional - UK based Consultants

Google allows targeted local, regional, national and international PPC campaigns, so a UK Google AdWords professional specialises in the UK national and local marketplaces.

We approach the monitoring of your Google AdWords campaign seriously – changes are made in real-time, so we keep a close eye on your PPC marketing campaign where you may not have the time in-house. A rapid response saves you money and improves your pay-per-click conversion rates, resulting in more leads, more sales and more profits.

Why choose us as your UK Google Adwords Consultant?

In a recent report, businesses stated the biggest problems preventing pay per click success for them included:

  • Google AdWords Keywords being too expensive (38%)
  • Lack of internal pay-per-click resource (36%)
  • Lack of pay-per-click budget (34%)
  • Poorly converting website (29%)
  • Paid advertising competition (28%)

If any of these have stunted your pay per click campaigns, we can help get your campaigns back on track and producing results. As with all of our SEO services we take a partnering approach; as a UK Google AdWords consultant we work with you to make the best of your budget and as a full internet marketing partner we take a holistic approach to SEO and your website marketing strategy by focusing on both mid and long term results.

Contact Us to discuss us managing your Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaigns today.

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"I've enjoyed working with Dimmock Web Marketing. They have a very deep understanding of how search engines work. Using this knowledge, they have constructed a digital presense that's robust and very efficient"


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40% of SEO campaign managers, who are aware of their ROI, achieve returns in excess of 500% (Intra Spin)