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SEO Services Company - Hitchin, Hertfordshire & UK

No SEO jargon or false promises. We're consultants who can help you out-rank, out-smart & out-perform your Google competitors.

How can a Search Engine Optimisation services company help your business grow?

Many SEO companies will throw jargon at you - but we're different. We make it our business to not only help your company thrive using SEO, but to inform, guide and educate you. For example, review this super-usefull guide by Google called How Search Works.

That's why we should be your first call when looking for professional SEO Consultants.

We're a transparent, Hertfordshire-based SEO company - that means you'll have access to our project management software as soon as we start working together, so you and your staff can see we're doing what we said we'd be doing, when we said we'd be doing it. Clients who've chosen us mention that our transparency is a breath of fresh air, when compared to working with others who never disclose the SEO services they're providing or hide behind fancy-looking reports that mean nothing to you or your business results.   

We'll help your company grow using SEO by:

  1. Discussing your business goals and objectives - without knowing these, how can we really help?
  2. Asking questions about your products/ services - we want to understand your business inside out
  3. Setting realistic expectactions - from the outset, we'll be brutally honest and up-front
  4. Auditing the SEO currently used throughout your website - without this, we can't improve your search engine performance
  5. Writing a results-focused proposal - you want more market-share, sales and profit, right?
  6. Using Google-endorsed SEO techniques, that will likely include: keyword research, writing customised SEO components, "Google My Business" optimisation and editing or writing new copy
  7. Growing your online profile with link acquisition, social media marketing and local search optimisation techniques
  8. Reporting the performance of your website in Google's search engine ranking pages, the behaviour of your website visitors and conversions

If our approach sounds different to what you've experienced with other SEO companies, welcome to the Dimmock Web Marketing way of doing things! Let's chat about getting started.

What should you look for, when choosing Hertfordshire SEO services?

SEO Services Hitchin HertfordshireWith so many search engine optimisation "experts" in the market-place, the most important thing to look for is a specialist who takes the time to understand what you really want from your website. A professional SEO company will take the time to understand your business model, investigate your competition and use their experience and expertise to deliver the business benefits you're looking for: more leads, more customers, greater revenue and greater profits. Unlike other SEO companies, we use only white-hat andn ethical SEO practices.

See our blog post on choosing the right SEO company. Ready to chat? Contact us for an informal chat or browse through our various SEO services to find out more.

Why is using an experienced consultant critical to your business success online?

As search engine consultants, we know that every day more and more of your competitors are using the internet to sell their products, services and information online. It's fiercely competitive and never more so than when the economy is cutting back. There's a smaller pie available, with you and your competitors all fighting for a piece.

A good search engine consultant will improve your search engine rankings – your online visibility – through carefully selected services which complement each other to bring the best results.

Additionally, they'll keep you informed of progress and not be afraid to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Indeed, good SEO consultants are worth their weight in gold!

We're different. We walk the walk (How did you find us? Locally in Hitchin or Hertfordshire? Nationally?)

Search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing continually change the way they rank websites on their search engine results pages - which means you need to work with an SEO who has their finger on the pulse and who is up-to-date with the changes that search engines make (otherwise known as "Algorithm updates").

We've also achieved tremendous success for a variety of clients (both in Hertfordshire and across the UK) from many differing sectors and industries, which means regardless of the size or scale of your business, we can help you win online. 

We care, we put our heart and soul into the success of your SEO campaign and we don't look for a quick buck – for you OR us – but instead create for you a bespoke, efficient and cost-effective internet marketing strategy.

Which search engine optimisation services do we provide?

We offer a full range of SEO services, developed to optimise your business website and help your business achieve search engine success:

Whether you're after a detailed evaluation of your current search engine rankings, an SEO campaign to raise your business profile locally, a national SEO campaign or a full website marketing strategy drawing together several or all of our search engine optimisation services, we'll provide the search engine optimisation services you need at an affordable rate.

What investment should your business make in SEO?

This depends entirely on:

  • What you and your business wants to achieve
  • Your budget - without knowing this, we can't advise you on what is realistically achieveable within your desired timeframe
  • The performance of your existing website
  • What is needed to help your website out-gun, out-smart and out-rank your competition
  • Whether your website is optimised in-house and only require our consultancy services (not hands-on)
  • The SEO expertise you already have. We offer SEO training if you want to improve your skills

Our SEO specialists focus on helping your business achieve a healthy return on investment, simply because we are results driven.

With Dimmock Web Marketing you pay only for what you need, when you need it with no hidden costs. We'll work within your budget to deliver the most effective SEO strategy possible to gain agreed, measurable results.

As the perfect compliment to your SEO efforts, are you currently running social media campaigns but need a little help to step your activity and effectiveness up a gear? Call us for details of our social media training services. 

Contact us to discuss your search engine optimisation needs today - we look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the success you deserve!

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Client Testimonials

"I've enjoyed working with Dimmock Web Marketing. They have a very deep understanding of how search engines work. Using this knowledge, they have constructed a digital presense that's robust and very efficient"


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Did you know?

88% of UK internet searches in 2008 were for branded search terms, up from 65% in 2005 (Hitwise 2008)