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SEO Audit Service Hertfordshire

Is your website ranking highly in Google's search engine and winning you enquiries, leads or sales?

"A review of your website's search engine optimisation practices will help you find out how you can improve your rankings"

Why is an audit essential to your overall search engine optimisation strategy?

Google provides an excellent resource, How Search Works, that describes how, as the world's largest search engine, they figure out what to show in the results pages that you see when you enter a search query (or "keyword" term).

With over 1.2 billon other websites on the internet, Google have developed their search algorithms to put those website pages, that offer the most relevant and authoritive content, at the top of the results that searchers are looking for (commonly called "SERPs" or "Search Engine Ranking Pages). If they didn't invest as heavily in their search databases worldwide as they did, users would soon go to Microsoft Bing and other search engines instead.

Matt Cutts (Google's ex Head of Search Quality) explains more here:


Therefore, the easier it is for search engines to crawl your website, using software programmes called "spiders" and for users to understand (quickly) what your web pages are about, the higher your web pages will rank. 

How do you make your website fully accessible and understandable to search engines and humans? This is what the practice of Search Engine Optimisation (or "SEO") does and an SEO audit reviews how near or far your website is to this goal. As a Hertfordshire-based company, whether you're based in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Knebworth, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Hatfield or other surrounding town, we can provide you with an SEO healthcheck to help you understand the current visibility of your website online.

As you would expect, Dimmock Web Marketing provide a search engine optimisation audit that reviews your website's pages for search engine and human understanding. The chances of your website ranking highly in search engines depends largely on five key factors; on-page SEO (such as Meta Title Tags, Descriptions and Headings), off-page "authority" (commonly known as "inbound links"), technical SEO, website architecture and user experience.

Our SEO audit, aimed at existing websites

Aimed at existing website owners, our SEO audit report provides a full assessment of how well (or poorly) optimised your website is. We diagnose a variety of site-wide, on-page, technical, architectural and off-page elements, along with your pages' current performance within search engines (such as Google) and online directories. Our audits can also be used to assess the current SEO and search engine visibility of your key online competitors - critical in today's online market-place:

SEO Evaluation Reports: SEO Audits & SEO Review Healthcheck Hitchin Hertfordshire
  • Google search engine rankings
  • Competitive SEO analysis
  • Website analysis including traffic conversion strategy
  • Semantic keyword term analysis and targeting
  • Backlinks and directory citation review
  • Title tags, meta descriptions and headings (H1, H2, H3) 
  • Google indexation
  • Webmaster Tools audit: goal set-up, crawl errors and manual penalties
  • Susceptibility to Google's Penguin, Panda and Pigeon algorithmic penalties
  • "Hub" pages SEO authority review and internal link architecture analysis 
  • Adherance to Google's Search Quality Rating guidelines 
  • Technical SEO: canonical, follow / index, REL / PREV, sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • eCommerce technical SEO and site architecture review (if required)
  • Website download speed and mobile responsiveness
  • Suggestions for SEO improvements and new measures that should be taken
  • A larger audit is available including social media and UX - contact us for details

Customised Website SEO Report - New or Existing Websites

Aimed at businesses looking to establish a new website or re-design or replace an existing website, our Customised Website SEO Report includes a detailed, page-by-page breakdown of SEO recommendations and components to incorporate into your new website design, to achieve high search engine rankings. This report is provided upon completion of our comprehensive keyword research service. This can also be used in conjunction with our website usability and navigation recommendations for brand new websites - see below.

To ensure your website is optimised for search engine ranking success, contact us now to get started.

Website Analysis Reports - how they help your business

We assess user experience in our website usability auditing service - a detailed, documented analysis of your websites' navigational structure and persuasion architecture. Within this report we suggest conversation rate optimisation (CRO) and "user-journey" recommendations to improve both user satisfaction and conversion "click-through" rates.

We also provide an online Competition Analysis Report, which includes:

  • Competitive website SEO ranking
  • Website analysis including search engine indexation
  • Usability assessment including calls to action and visitor conversion best-practices
  • Existing SEO review, including on-page, technical and SEO architecture
  • Backlink and directory citation analysis
  • Social Media analysis
  • Existing online "authority" rating

With our website analysis service, not only do you find out how well your own website is performing and receiving recommendations, you find out how your competitors have become successful and learn how to emulate their success.

Contact Us to discuss running an SEO audit on your website or to find out which of our reports is the most appropriate for your business. 

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Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




Did you know?

80% of all website traffic is generated by search engines, with the majority coming from Google (Moz)