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Your Website Content Strategy - Why Use SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting should be viewed as a key part of your content marketing strategy and consists of optimising your website page copy with words and terms to show subject-matter expertise, proof of authority and target market "natural language". These will then enable your website to relate to your potential customers and to be found online by people searching for your products, solutions, information or services.

Well-crafted content writing ensures that users navigate seemlessly through the conversion journey of your website and is relevant to the overall page goal and engages the visitor through unique, interesting and informative content.

As a Hertfordshire-based content marketing company, we help businesses in Hitchin, Baldock, Knebworth, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Hatfield and surrounding areas.

An effective, persona-based content strategy entices the visitor to take action and interact with the website, through a number of touchpoints, including:

  • Email newsletter sign-up
  • Downloadable reports
  • Requests for further information
  • Product or service leads or sales
  • Video views
  • Increases in social media followers
  • Special offers
  • Promotional sales
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Blog post shares

Implementing a Content Strategy 

If you website content doesn't entice your visitors to take action at every opportunity, your website will not generate the leads or sales that it has the potential to and your online marketing strategy will suffer. An effective content strategy results in increased traffic, improved conversions and ultimately leads or sales.

As explained by Matt Cutts, ex Head of Search at Google, you want to avoid having a "thin content" website:

SEO Copywriting Services Hitchin Hertfordshire - Expert SEO CopywriterCopywriting and content writing, with SEO in mind, means writing descriptive copy for your target audience - and the best website content writers do it seamlessly.

Your copy needs to achieve two key goals:

  • You website content must include conversion strategies and calls-to-action, for people to take action with - after all, it’s people who read and view websites, spend money, bookmark interesting websites and who email you about your products and services
  • Your website content must show that, within your online marketplace or niche, you are an authority, are credible and a company others can build trust in. Readability is critical because you want your potential customers to feel, relate, have interest in what you're offering, then enquire or buy.

Useful, original, innovative web content, that really helps, inspires or informs your visitors, is an essential element of any targeted SEO campaigns. Once others within your industry find your excellent content, they may link to it or spread the word that your website provides authoritive information and should be reviewed. More interest leads to more visibility and higher rankings leads to more clicks. Obviouosly, more clicks lead to enquiries and sales and ultimately an increase in profit for your business. 

Our Content Writing Services

A website content writer must weave your keyword terms delicately into and throughout your web page body copy. Those keywords and niche terms have to come from somewhere and they have to complement the rest of your website.

Our market analysis includes comprehensive keyword research, which investigates which keywords are most appropriate, through a process of taxonomy, ontology and natural language research. We then also implement the words we've researched into the optimisation of other web page components such as alt-text for images, headings, hyperlinks, title tags, meta descriptions and more. 

Just as a good plumber knows his aspiration from his elbow (both real plumbing terms!), an experienced copywriter or content strategist knows his ads from his semantics. Our content writers will get you found online, ranked highly in search engines and respected by visitors who will arrive at your website, ready to take action.

Why choose us?

We will help you adopt the right written tone for your business website, so whether you require 1st, 2nd or 3rd person or formal, colloquial or somewhere in between, we can help make your website speak the language of your audience, with a large dose of conversion and content strategy to help them take action.

Our bottom line: we love words, we understand search engines, we enjoy technology and we're passionate about helping businesses get found online.

Contact us to discuss your website content and copywriting needs.

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Client Testimonials

“Tony and his team have worked wonders with the SEO on our website! We cannot recommend Dimmock Web Marketing enough and are delighted with the results of their hard work!"




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