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Internet Marketing Company in Hertfordshire. Trusted & Reliable!

What criteria should you look for when choosing an internet marketing company?

Internet marketing is a marketing method (a form of advertising) that can expand your online reach locally, nationally or gloabally. But how? Your website is your castle - and the more routes you build into your castle, for online searchers to find you, the more reputable and authoritative your online brand becomes. This is because search engines see your brands properties (paid, earned and owned media) as your companies group of associated interndigital properties - all working together to help your business become an internet authority.

We do this by enhancing your website by implementing search engine optimisation (commonly known as "SEO"), website usability best-practices, call-to-actions and user-friendly architecture, that guides would-be clients, as seemlessly as possible, through your website and helps them take action.

The term "Digital Marketing" is thrown around a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Digital marketing is a proven, online marketing mix of web-based practices, that entice prospective clients (who have problems and challenges that need fixing) to choose your company's services' as the solution.

As each service we provide is customised to your unique, online marketing needs - and business model - we don't provide "packages" - instead we attain a broad internet web of exposure for you, by first analysing how effective your online reach currently is, then propose a strategic action-plan, that fits both your marketing budget and your timescales for achieving more leads and winning more sales. We then report to you on how effective we've been in achieving results. We will also adjust internet marketing expectations and goals and objectives, to match your overall business plan.

Your marketing budget must go as far as possible and demands working with a performance-driven online marketing company, who keeps a keen eye on your year-on-year return of investment, while you focus on building your business and serving your customers.

What are the simple questions you need to ask yourself, as a business owner?

Your potential customers are searching on search engines (such as Google) more than ever. If you don't become an authority within your online niche, your competitors will become the "go-to" website instead of you. Grab a coffee and before you continue to browse our website, please ask yourself these questions (and be honest):

Internet Marketing Services & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultants Hitchin Hertfordshire

  • Are you frustrated that your internet competitors are gaining leads and winning sales and you're not sure what to do?
  • Have you worked with previous internet marketing companies, that did more harm than good to your online reputation?
  • Is your website working around the clock to attract potential customers, using content and language that your niche's audience is searching for?
  • Are your website visitors taking action on your website and enquiring or are they arriving and leaving it, just as fast?
  • Did you know that every company on the planet wants to be top of Google? Unless your company works with an internet marketing specialist who understands how search works, your competitors (who may have hired one) will take your market-share. Hard hitting? Sure, but you deserve honesty - and that's how we work. Could we be a good match?
  • Are you based in one of Hertfordshire's towns, such as Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Knebworth, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Welwyn, Hatfield or Royston - this list is not exhaustive - and need a local web marketing company to help you achieve the online presence your business deserves? We're ready to work with you!

How can internet marketing help your business grow?

Our common-sense, no-jargon and business-focused approach will help you achieve real-world results through search engine strategies, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and social media engagement:


Be Found:
Generate targeted leads, best-fit customers and increased sales with niche-focused keyword research, Google-guided SEO, Google My Business map rankingslocal online promotion, customer-focused content marketing and social media marketing.

Be Understood:
Speak the language of your target audience and convert website visitors by making your website a sales generation tool using focused website content writing, effective professional website design and user experience principles. As a package, your website's ability to convert visitors to action-takers will increase.

Get Results:
Real-world business results count to you - get more enquiries, online leads, eCommerce sales and telephone calls. Once we help you gain success, for us it's a case of reviewing your website visitor data and analysing the performance of your website.


Our internet marketing and search engine optimisation services will improve your online authority, show your industry expertise, increase your search engine rankings, get customers to your website and convince them to take action:


  • Internet marketing offers the most cost effective way of advertising your business today - do you have an internet marketing strategy in place?
  • Our professional SEO services focus on driving online searchers, with explicit queries for your products or services, to your website
  • Need to expand your knowledge of search engine optimisation, with up-to-date skills and techniques? Our SEO training is suited to helping beginners, intermediates and those who consider themselves advanced
  • Online marketing should provide a results-based return on your investment, which can increase your profit and allow you to re-invest in ongoing marketing methods
  • Build your brand, connect with your customers, dominate search engines and become the authority in your online marketplace, by choosing us as your website marketing "go-to" company
  • If your business relies on attracting local custom, you'll need to focus on advertising in directories and appearing in the Google My Business map


"Dimmock Web Marketing have been helping businesses win leads and grow sales on the internet, for over 14 years - we can help your business increase profie and grow too!"

What type of businesses do we help?

Our website marketing services are designed for businesses of all sizes, who wish to use their website as a lead or sales generation tool, that works around the clock 24/7, attracting potential clients who need their products or services. If a company is serious about acquiring new customers, increasing profit and dominating their marketplace, we're love to chat with them!

We work with a variety of clients, from a diverse range of industries, such as:

  • Business start-ups
  • Small businesses including tradespeople and sole proprietors
  • Retail stores and shops (local and national)
  • Professional consultancy firms
  • The legal profession
  • Business to business service providers
  • eCommerce and online shopping stores
  • Corporate brands

We're proud to announce that Dimmock Web Marketing are a preferred partner to Wenta, an organisation that has been supporting and advising the UK's small business sector since 1983. Over the last year, we have presented a webinar called Improving Website Usability and User Experience to their audience of new startups and small business owners.


Wenta - Supporting UK Small Businesses SInce 1983


"With our website marketing and SEO services, you simply pay for what you need, when you need it – with no hidden costs. Unlike other "order-obsessed" companies, we don't charge endless, ongoing retainers"

NEXT STEPS - How Do YOU Want To Proceed?


Stay up-to-date with our latest news & events, find out more about us or read what some of our satisfied clients say about us and reviews that we've earned on our Google My Business profile page. Ready to get going? Contact us to discuss your website marketing needs!

We look forward to working with you and helping your business win market-share, increase sales and improve profit!


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Client Testimonials

“Our new website, designed by Dimmock Web Marketing, has been a fantastic success, increasing our volume of new enquiries by 75%, leading to lots of new business! I wouldn't hesitate recommending the services of Tony and his team”


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Did you know?

88% of UK internet searches are for branded search terms, up from 65% (Hitwise)